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Ask KMM: April 2016

  As I was looking through the ASK KMM’s this month, I started noticing patterns and themes.  Rather than answering individual questions this time, I answered many. There is not one ‘Q.’ There is only my ‘A’. ______________ What you have become is the price you paid for the things you thought you wanted. That’s…
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Ask KMM: March 2016

First a general announcement: FEVERSONG will be available 1-17-17 and we are doing another epic book launch party in NOLA! Please drop by the book launch page for details as we are currently in the process of selecting the hotel and planning the itinerary. Now a clarification: FEVERSONG is the final conclusion for the entire 9 books Fever Series.…
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ASK KMM: February 2016

Q: Pat: What’s happening with future Fever books? Is FEVERSONG the last book or are there 2 more books? I'm seeing conflicting information online. KMM: Just as SHADOWFEVER was the conclusion to the first story arc, FEVERSONG concludes the second story arc. I talked about this in my August 2015 blog post where I said:…
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The FEVERBORN Playlist

REM: It’s the end of the world as we know it Blue Oyster Cult: Don’t fear the reaper Nickelback: Savin’ me Black Lab: Ghost in your mind Joy Division: She’s lost control Matthew Schuler: Hallelujah The Rolling Stones: Before they make me run Linkin Park: Papercut TryhardNinja: Batman Arkham Knight Song Blue October: Dirt Room…
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  KMM: This is my favorite part. I love getting to see you guys and pick your brains, hear what you think, and say thank you again for coming. Thank you to the people who keep coming back and it’s been a pleasure getting to meet so many new readers. So how many people finished…
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