The Keltar


*This glossary is current as of BURNED. If you have not read BURNED there will be SPOILERS.*

An ancient bloodline of Highlanders chosen by Queen Aoibheal and trained in druidry to uphold the Compact between the races of Man and Fae. Brilliant, gifted in physics and engineering, they live near Inverness and guard a circle of standing stones called Ban Drochaid (the white bridge) that was used for time travel until the Keltar breached one of their many oaths to the Queen and she closed the circle of stones to other times and dimensions. Current Keltar druids: Christopher, Christian, Cian, Dageus, Drustan.

Druid: In pre-Christian Celtic society, a druid presided over divine worship, legislative and judicial matters, philosophy, and education of elite youth to their order. Druids were believed to be privy to the secrets of the gods, including issues pertaining to the manipulation of physical matter, space, and even time. The old Irish “Drui” means magician, wizard, diviner (Irish Myths and Legends).

CHRISTOPHER MACKELTAR: Modern-day laird of the Keltar clan, father of Christian MacKeltar.

b24d0bbe6b39d8416d6af8baf2747070CHRISTIAN MACKELTAR: (turned Unseelie Prince) Handsome Scotsman, dark hair, tall, muscular body and killer smile, he masqueraded as a student at Trinity College, working in the Ancient Languages Department, but was really stationed there by his uncles to keep an eye on Jericho Barrons. Trained as a druid by his clan, he participated in a ritual at Ban Drochaid on Samhain meant to reinforce the walls between the worlds of Man and Fae. Unfortunately the ceremony went badly wrong, leaving Christian and Barrons trapped in the Silvers. When Mac later finds Christian in the Hall of All Days, she feeds him Unseelie flesh to save his life, unwittingly sparking the chain of events that begins to turn the sexy Highlander into an Unseelie Prince. He loses himself for a time in madness, and fixates on the innocence of Dani O’Malley while losing his humanity. In Iced, he sacrifices himself to the Crimson Hag to distract her from killing the sidhe-seers, determined to spare Dani from having to choose between saving the abbey or the world. Currently staked to the side of a cliff above a hellish grotto, being killed over and over again.

CIAN MACKELTAR: (Spell of the Highlander) Highlander from the twelfth century, traveled through time to present day, married to Jessica St. James. Cian was imprisoned for one thousand years in one of the Silvers by a vengeful sorcerer. Freed, he now lives with the other Keltar in current-day Scotland.

DKHLDER_TINT2DAGEUS MACKELTAR: (The Dark Highlander) Keltar druid from the sixteenth century who traveled through time to present day, married to Chloe Zanders. He is inhabited by the souls of thirteen dead Draghar, ancient druids who used black sorcery. Long black hair nearly to his waist, dark skin, and gold eyes, he is the sexiest and most sexual of the Keltar.

DRUSTAN MACKELTAR: (Kiss of the Highlander) Twin brother of Dageus MacKeltar, also traveled through time to present day, married to Gwen Cassidy. Tall, dark, with long black hair and silver eyes, he is the ultimate chivalrous knight and would sacrifice himself for the greater good if necessary.